Al Otro Lado - On the Other Side

Dokumentarfilm von Malona P. Badelt

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    Malona P. Badelt

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    Malona P. Badelt

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In 2017 the U.S. government introduces an unprecedented tactic at their southern borders to deter asylum seekers. Without law, officers rip crying children from their parents and send them thousands of miles away – sick, scared, and alone, to live in shelters while they imprison their innocent parents. With no plan to track and reunify them, they traumatize thousands of children and parents. Housed in inhumane and abusive conditions, most are too young to ever put in words what happened to them.

Standing for thousands of other families, Al Otro Lado shines a light on the harrowing journey of just one desperate family who comes to the U.S. legally to seek asylum. Arriving at the surge of politics endorsing hate and fear mongering toward immigrants, Olivia and José enter not only into a broken system of asylum law, but one that employs torturous tactics. While their search for freedom and safety begins to take a huge toll on them and their young children, the biggest question remains:

Will they be granted asylum in the U.S. or sent back to ganginfested El Salvador which is known for killing people who have tried to escape?